Cross Border Translation: You name it, we translate it!

Are you looking to have your text translated into another language? Doing this properly requires an understanding of your organisation, the purpose of your text, your target audience and the culture of your target language. To ensure that your text is translated accurately and competently, it is crucial that you hire a translator who is able to lend you these insights. With its large, experienced network of language professionals guaranteeing you the highest quality translations at affordable rates, Cross Border Translation is the translation agency of choice for your international language requirements. We view language as more than a collection of words strung together. For this reason, we treat your text with the utmost care and enable you to reach beyond national borders and language barriers in order to communicate effectively.

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What we offer

  • Translations in virtually any language
  • Translations in virtually every field and specialisation
  • Text editing, copywriting and interpretation

Why Cross Border Translation?

  • We use at least two translation professionals for each translation
  • We work according to the ‘double native’ principle
  • We guarantee close collaboration between the translator and editor

Work method

Cross Border Translation performs translations between any of the combinations of Dutch, English, German, French, Spanish and Italian. In addition to these main languages, we can also be of service for translations into other European languages, as well as important world languages such as Russian, Chinese, Turkish or Arabic.